August 3, 2017


台灣簽證收費 Taiwan Visa Application Fee

臨時電子簽證只適用於 Temporary Network Visa application only for:

所需之文件 Document required:

香港、澳門出生之永久居民 Hong Kong and Macao permanent residents born

持有香港特區護照 或 英國國民海外護照 或 澳門護照 HKSAR or BNO or Macau passport holder

如非香港出世,但於 1983 年後曾到訪台灣及能提供到訪台灣之記錄正本 People who were not born in Hong Kong, but did visited Taiwan after years 1984 and could provide the original entry proof record.

入境次數 Entry


每次可停留期限 Duration

30 days

有效期 Validity

3 months

費用 Fee


所需之文件 Document required:

1) 首次申請者不能申請多次出入境之簽證 For First time application cannot apply multiple entry visas

2) 若申請多次出入境簽證需提供之前出入境台灣之記錄 For applying multiple visas, please provide your previous entry proof record

3) 若身份證並沒有出生日期,申請時需提供宣誓紙 For Applicants who have no exact date of birth on ID, please provide official declaration certificate.

4) 若申請人曾更改姓名,申請時需提供改名契 ( For applicants who have amended their name, please provide official deed poll.)